The VapeCake Factory
The VapeCake Factory
The VapeCake Factory

The VapeCake Factory

We are happy to introduce a Brand New Line The VapeCake Factory It’s awesome. We are also the exclusive wholesale distributor you can contact us direct or send wholesale inquiries via the website at www.thevapecakefactory.com

Chocolate Swirl
This absolutely perfect blend of cheesecake topped with chocolate ice cream will have you camped outside your local vape shop waiting for them to open the doors

Vanilla Swirl
A magically delicious blend of vanilla ice cream spread on top of a room temperature slice of cheesecake will instantly take you from wherever you are to the top of the world. ​

NY Style
Straight from the heart of New York City this creamy cheesecake blend will take you to the center of Central Park on warm sunny day.​

Strawberry Drizzle
This exquisite blend of cheesecake with a drizzle of strawberry is a perfect all day vape and will have your taste buds begging for more

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VVVapes is an ever expanding electronic cigarette company located in New Jersey.